Monday, April 26, 2010

See Ya Later 'Sippi!

The Garretts are headed North...way North! After living in the South and Mid-West for all of our lives, it's time for a change of scenery and pace!

Brett just took a job with Snap-On as an Industrial Sales Representative and we are relocating to Albany, NY. The trip is more than 1400 miles from Tupelo, Mississippi and all of our worldly belongings are crammed into 18 linear feet in the back of an ABF trailer. Yes, that includes all of our wedding gifts, furniture and even Brett's surfboard! ABF was a pretty good deal, considering we didn't have to drive the truck cross-country!

Thankfully, the Qulin, Missouri based "Two Parents & a Truck" moving team was able to bring down the furniture and wedding gifts they had housed for the last 1.5 years and help with the final packing details. This highly experience team has moved their children many, many times and is available for the right price. Part of their compensation was a lovely birthday celebration at Logan's Steakhouse...only the best for these guys!

Moving is never easy and it's always tough to say goodbye to friends and family. In our final weeks in Mississippi, it seemed as though we really got to know several good friends. We were lucky to find a few folks that didn't seem to mind that neither of us attended Ole Miss or Mississippi State!

This move is a whole new step for us as we leave behind the profession that brought us together in the hopes of a financially more secure future. Basically, we got tired of being po' white tv trash and thought it might be nice to celebrate a holiday together. We look at it as a new adventure! Once we arrive, Brett will be nearly 800 miles from his family in Charlotte, North Carolina and Heather a 20 hour drive from Southeast Missouri!