Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are we there yet?

A fortune cookie Heather once opened read "The journey is the reward." Pretty sure the writer wasn't driving nearly 1500 miles cross country!

The trek from the Tup went two directions. Heather made a final stop to see her hairdresser Suzy Johnson in Piggott, Arkansas and the Flanigan family in Southeast Missouri before setting out on the path less traveled (but guided by the Garmin). Brett took off full steam ahead with his Mapquest directions headed from Tupelo straight to NY!

Day one took about 12 looooong hours! Heather was sort of sidetracked by a couple of malls, a super cool quilting store and nearly made a stop at the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee when fate had her pull off at that exit for gas. An indoor water park somewhere in Ohio was pretty tempting too! Finally meeting up in Akron, Ohio, we considered stopping by LeBron's house but decided it was just too late to drop in unannounced.

The beautiful countryside was littered by toll stops on our Day two journey. Tolls...seriously? Places really have toll roads? I have to pay more money to drive? Apparently growing up in the mid-south had its perks. Total tally for this trip: $18! But maybe it was worth it considering we saw major city skylines, the Great Lakes and crossed historic rivers? was a long drive!

After a total of 19 hours on the road, 9 state lines crossed, 1450 more miles logged on the odometer, countless Cokes and tanks of gas...we were finally at our new home in New York!