Sunday, June 6, 2010

Heather Hiking?

For those who know Heather, most would agree that she's really not that 'outdoorsy' of a girl. Things like mosquitoes and dirt just do not appeal to her. The last time she went camping with her family (in 1983) she and her cousin Kari ended up with Chicken Pox. So naturally, this air condition, electricity loving girl married an Eagle Scout who hiked Philmont and the Appalachian Trail for fun.

But in the compromise of marriage, Heather agreed to go with Brett back to Cohoes Falls on a "hike." And yes, she realizes that real people who hike carry backpacks with tuna fish and granola bars...but figured an afternoon walking on a trail probably wouldn't kill her. Notorious for never wearing the 'right shoes' for the occasion (she climbed to the top of Coba in flip flops on her honeymoon) she dug out a pair of hiking-looking tennis shoes and was ready to go!

We hiked on an overcast day, but the falls were just as amazing as they were on our trip there with Andy. The Falls View Park is about four acres in size and the water from the Mohawk River powers the 38 megawatt School Street hydropower station. The park is the first ever public/private collaboration between Brookfield Renewable Power, the City of Cohoes and the National Park Service’s Erie Canalway Heritage Corridor.

Our home video of the Falls.

Falls View Park employees rangers who keep an eye on the Mohawk River, watching for upstream dangers. We managed to make it down to the very bottom of the trail and walk around for about 10 minutes before a ranger blew an air horn and screamed "The waters are coming!" Apparently rain water from upstream was on it's way down and we had 5-7 minutes to head for higher ground. Preferring not to drown, get swept away or her shoes wet, Heather hauled it back up to the overlook as fast as she could. Thankfully, the Garretts made it home safely!
And as for Heather's "hiking" adventure...well, once was enough for her.

Our future's so bright, we gotta wear shades.

Brett the Explorer, cousin of Dora.
Vintage SMS wear.
A long climb when running for your life!

Cohoes Falls-view from the top.