Monday, May 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Just about everybody makes New Year's Resolutions. For some reason in January, we're all going to start doing this or quit doing that, in the name of a resolution. Weeks, days and sometimes even hours, later...those lofty ideas have gone to the wayside. They are usually good ideas in theory, but tough to execute. Well, believe it or not...Heather made a resolution that she's still hanging on to.

Most people usually resolve to "get in shape" and then jump right into a crazy workout that just makes them so sore they can barely walk the next day. Sure, we can all be in better shape, but Heather's cooked up strategy was to set little goals...and possibly something obtainable. So instead of just "getting in better shape," Heather resolved to run a 5K every month in the year 2010!

Not a runner and certainly not a fan of sweating, this seemed like a big commitment for Heather. Luckily, Brett thought it was a good idea and joined along in the "run fun." So far, the Garretts have hoofed it more than 15 miles this year! And they've scored the t-shirts to prove they did it. (Side resolution: Heather is now inspired to make a 5K t-shirt quilt from the 12 shirts she'll have collected by the end of the year)

Finding our running shoes after the move took some time, but we were laced up and (allegedly) ready to go for our May race. We signed up for the Memorial Day Marathon Weekend 5K race and headed to the Berkshires, Massachusetts, about an hour drive from Clifton Park. The course started/ended at the historic Tanglewood Estate where the Boston Symphony Orchestra summers.

After the race, we decided that Yankee runners are accustom to the altitude, at almost 1200 feet above sea level, and we were not! Although not our best times, the experience was good and we got our t-shirts (the most important part). After the race we saw a guy walking around with a UCA shirt on. Brett laughed and said, "I'm sure it's not Central Arkansas." Well, it was! Talk about a small world...the runner was from Conway, AR and was up visiting friends in Mass.

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