Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pigeon Panic!

Ya'll will not even believe this...the crazy pigeon came back!!  Returning home from the pool on Tuesday, Heather nearly stepped on the freakin' thing as she walked up to her door.  It was perched just in front of the doormat giving the "I'll peck your eyes out" look to anyone who crossed paths with it.  Heather seriously had to throw rocks at it...three times...to get it move far enough away so she could run through the door, all while screaming "Go away bird!" at the top of her lungs. 

More phone calls resulted in another game official out to try to catch the psycho pigeon.  Officials said after nabbing the bird the first time, it was released into the wild nearly two hours away!  Amazing that it was able to find it's way back!  It took awhile, but after wielding a fishnet and a pet carrier, that rat with wings was back under lock and key and this time on his way to Boston for release.  Which was a good thing, since Heather had just spent the afternoon at Dick's Sporting Goods looking for a suitable weapon.

Pigeons not welcome here.

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