Saturday, May 1, 2010


Moving...there's nothing better than coming to a new place with fresh paint, clean carpets and wide open rooms! It's a blank slate, full of potential. And then you realize you have to move all of your junk in. Unpacking is probably the worst part of moving. The excitement builds with the sorting, the weeding out and the actual boxing up of items. You have an excuse to use a tape gun and play with magic markers. Then comes the physical moving part, which is great because you can really see progress...woo-hoo, stuff is going places! And then suddenly you're at the new destination and now you have to dump all of that stuff out and find a new place for it. Which means if you're anything like us, you won't be able to remember where you put it for at least six months.

We traded in the services of "Two Parents & a Truck" for "One Dad to Unload." Thankfully, Brett's dad Dean flew up from Charlotte, NC to help us unload and unpack. The most talkative man in America, Dean soon had us introduced to everyone (and their dogs) in our new apartment complex. Good thing they didn't seem to mind the semi-truck trailer sitting in the parking lot for three days. We are the youngest residents in our section by probably 40 years! Our new neighbors are super nice and all stopped by to chat with us. Miss Peggy even left us a plant in a cute basket with some gardening tools as a welcome gift! The Landings in Clifton Park appears to be a very safe, nice area. And interestingly enough, our apartment is also fitted with an "emergency" doorbell in the bedroom. Hitting it relays an instant notification to 911 for help, dispatching responders immediately. Wonder if we pay extra for that??

As soon as all the boxes were inside the house, we programmed the GPS and hit the ground running! First stop....Saratoga Gaming and Raceway just 20 minutes up the road in Saratoga Springs. Slot machines and harness racing? Could inexpensive entertainment get any better?!? Heather & Brett didn't win a single race, but Dean cashed in a few tickets. We also spent the weekend driving around the Albany area, trying to get a feel for the region. It's really a blessing to live in an area so rich in history. We discovered beautiful landmarks and buildings and found our first taste of NY pizza! Sure can't complain! It looks like we're gonna be in good hands here.

Home Sweet Home!