Friday, May 7, 2010

You Can Take Us Out of the South...

...But You Can't Take the South Out of Us.

So here's how this one goes:  During our exodus from Mississippi we got the bright idea to sell as much as we could on in order to lighten the load.  Since we owned four full sized beds between the two of us, it made sense to part with at least one.  We were just tickled pink when a sweet little lady carted off a mattress and box springs and we pocketed $50! 

Flash forward a few weeks later during the actual moving process.  Packing up the bed and box springs we realized somehow our mattresses had been switched and we had accidentally sold the 'good' box spring!  Rather than haul the bad/old box spring to NY, we decided it would just go as far as the curb and we would just buy a new one once we reached our destination.  Easier said then done.

In Albany, we found the best price for just a box spring was at Sam's Club.  When you don't even get a plastic bag to take home your items, don't expect them to drop off your mattress at your doorstep. 

The nine mile drive to Sam's Club in Latham took more than an hour to make with full sized box spring riding shotgun on the Santa Fe.  Even though it had a mile of twine wrapped around it, we still had to roll down the windows and open the sun roof to hang on so it wouldn't set sail!  For some silly reason Brett didn't want to put on the flashers while we were driving down the road because we'd "attract too much attention."  Even though our hands were numb by the time we made it home, we still got a good laugh out of bringing it home 'Southern Style.'