Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cape Capers

Ever notice that Missouri has turned out some pretty impressive people?  Walt Disney, Harry Truman, Walter Cronkite, Maya Angelou, Brad Pitt and Albert Pujols just scratch the surface of great Missourians.  Now, once you get down in the Bootheel and you'll find ever more notable names like Sheryl Crow, Rush Limbaugh and Linda Bloodworth Thomason (creator of Designing Women).  Coincidence that the heartland of America is such fertile ground for raising such great minds?  Heather says definitely not!

While back in the bootheel, Heather made sure to look up one of the most impressive people she knows, her good friend Stephanie Byars.  The dynamic duo met in 2002 at KFVS and have been pals ever since.  Ms. Byars has shared a love of cosmopolitans, journeyed on the quest to make edible tiramisu and a served as a confessional priest on more than one occasion.  She also stepped in serve as a maid of honor in the Flanigan/Garrett wedding ceremony in 2008.  Thanks for signing off and making it legal for us Steph!

The return to the stomping grounds of Cape Girardeau included a drive through of downtown and lunch at Buckner Brewing Company, where fish & chips were inhaled by all.  Back in the day, many a post-10 p.m.-newscast-night were spent sampling the fine drafts at the only microbrewery in Southeast Missouri (the Honey Wheat was always a favorite).  Riverfront Cape has tons of restaurants, cute little boutiques, antique shops and tourist traps that draw folks down that way.  It's pretty hill country (for the flatlands of Missouri) so stretch your calves before you go tromping around.  Picture on left is of the Cape Girardeau Courthouse.  Did you know that the 59 steps leading up to the courthouse top were the first concrete construction in Missouri outside of St. Louis or Kansas City? The cement was originally ballast for a ship that came from England and the courthouse's basement was used as a jail for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.  Who doesn't love some factoids??

Heather & Stephanie had a great time browsing the antique stores and found a few things that were truly as fabulous as they are.

Friends are like a fine wine...just keep getting better with age!