Monday, June 28, 2010

Things You Won't Find in NY

There's a lot of dissimilarities between Country Mouse and City Mouse, but one of the biggest differences is their tastes in music.  City Mouse has a memory like an elephant and can rattle off rap lyrics he heard during his elementary school gang-bangin' years.  Country Mouse on the other hand, can barely remember what she ate for breakfast, but on occassion can recall every chart topper on the American Country Coundown from 1996-1999 (the college years when she drove home & it was the only radio station she could get during the trip). 

Heather thinks the song Heartland from George Strait's Pure Country soundtrack totally comes to mind when she thinks of the south.  (For those who know it, go ahead and belt it out-no one will notice)  While she was visiting home, she realized there were several things you just won't find back in NY.

Giant beauty pageant crowns & trophies

Fat cats guarding wrapping paper stores

Potted mum fields

Albert Pujols Fatheads

Flanigan Aviation

Life sized cut outs of Paula Deen (as seen with Phyllis & Aunt Bernardine)
Sonic Happy Hour
Tallest building between St. Louis & Memphis
Tourists like Mr. Ed

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