Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heather's In the Heartland!

Using her new Southwest Airlines card, Heather hopped a flight back to Missouri with a brief stop over in Chicago.  It only took her 35 minutes of searching terminal B, checking the map twice and asking three really confused people before she realized she was at Midway and not O'Hare, where there is a Garrett's Popcorn stand. (The bucket has "Garrett" on the side, it tastes awesome and it gets the thumbs up from Oprah!)  Nonetheless, she knew she was home when she stepped off the plane in St. Louis and started sweating immediately!  (That's why Southern girls always pack their Chi's in their carry-ons) Hello humidity!

Next stop: Poplar Bluff, Missouri...just in time for a wedding! Heather's mom Phyllis picked her up from Lambert International and headed back home 3.5 hours. They made it just in time to change clothes, sign the guest book and find a seat for the wedding of Amanda Lance and Brennon Willard. (Amanda's mother Chris was Heather's high school English teacher) The Flanigan girls had a good time visiting with a lot of folks Heather hadn't seen in a long time. Plus, they had the honor of sitting with the funniest 6-year-olds you'll ever met. Heather's childhood friend Holly Hartwell Johnson has the cutest little girl, Charly, who was entertaining all evening! She enjoyed eating cookies, cake and butter...straight out of the little tubs.

Plenty of stops to hit while in the Heartland/Region 8 (depending on which tv station you get) so make sure you keep up with Heather's adventure!  (btw-Brett's holding down the fort in NY)

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