Thursday, June 17, 2010

"It's On"

So, eventually City Mouse and Country Mouse will have to go home and see their families and hairdressers right?  New York is fabulous and all, but at some point, it's gonna be time to travel.  And why not take advantage of that? 

Southwest is one of the cheapest airline carriers (plus they don't charge for checked bags) and they fly right into Albany!  The Albany airport is really nice and is about 20 minutes from our apartment.  (It's about the size of the Memphis Airport, but a lot nicer.)  While Southwest doesn't fly everywhere, it's pretty close to the places our families are (plus Heather's cousin's husband is a pilot for them).  We can now easily get into Little Rock, St. Louis, Dallas and Raleigh/Durham with no problem...and there's a direct flight from Albany to Las Vegas!  Vegas, baby, Vegas!

With a little research, coupon savvy Country Mouse discovered the Southwest Credit Card and was quickly sold on the features and benefits, which suited the Garrett's travel needs perfectly!   Signing up for the Rapid Rewards program is the key.  16 credits gets you a free ticket and there's about a gazillion ways to score credits.  You get credits for signing up for the card (8). For your first purchase (8). Purchases equal points which equal credits.  Buying your ticket with the card equals double credits! (Heather was even credited for a trip she took back in January with her mother).  It's a crazy addiction! 

The card does have an annual fee of $65, but when you can book a ticket for $139 round trip, score the points and get a free flight, it's really not too bad a deal.  Heather's mom is coming to Maine in September, and managed to book a ticket home from Albany to St. Louis for $79!  Not sure you could even drive the Prius for that much.

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