Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Raining Cotton

Spring and summer usually mean warm weather, beautiful flowers and picnics in the park.  But for 50 million Americans, it means allergies!  You can count on sneezing, coughing and itchy, watery eyes and no matter where you go, you just can't seem to get hide from them.  The pollen and dust in Mississippi was horrible and we thought moving North might provide some relief.  Wishful thinking...Heather is a big fan of the Neti Pot and uses it almost daily. Thought she might be able to get away without having to unpack it.

Driving through Albany the other day it looked like it was raining cotton.  Huge chunks of white fluffy material were floating through the air everywhere.  Apparently, the pollen chunks are from the cottonwood tree which grows primarily in the northern United States.  Allergists swear that this pollen is not the cause of most folk's spring allergies...but we're sure that those hippie doctors probably live someplace where the side of the road doesn't look like this.

Breathing is apparently optional up here.

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