Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Constant

Why is it that local car commercials are always so...creative?  It never fails, you can always count on balloons, shouting, costumes and catch phrases as a "go-to" formula for success.  Whether it's leaving the peddling in the hands of the youngest grandchildren (like so young there's a little afterbirth still stuck to them) or tricking their deaf friend into reading cue cards about the great deals and prices, companies do what they gotta do to get their product off the lot.

Die hard Lost fans will tell you that Desmond Hume is the constant.  But these 'Yankee' Garretts have a new theory:  it's car commercials.  Just take a look and tell us we're wrong.  Or tell us about the ones in your home towns!

In New York:

In Mississippi (and yes, that is a gorilla):