Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Year's Resolution: July Race

For our July race we decided to check out Vermont.  Home of Ben & Jerry's, Newhart and maple syrup, it has to be a nice place right?  Well, let's just say this trip probably isn't going to be the deciding factor.

We signed up for the Moonlight in Vermont 6K race in Pownal.  Start time was at midnight and the race corresponded with a full moon!  Great idea, except it was a stormy, cloudy night and a rain before the race left the roads wet and slick.  This race had a prize for who showed up best under the moonlight, so Brett was inspired to pull out his $5 glow-in-the-dark Ghostbusters t-shirt he found at the Poplar Bluff Wal-Mart.  

Along with our free race t-shirts we got glow sticks!!!  Remember how much fun those things were as kids?  They always sold them at rodeos and concerts.  (Safety note: Heather once knew someone in college that accidentally bit through one at a rave and got some serious burns on the inside of her mouth so don't try to eat one.)  It was pretty cool to watch the crowd of neon lights go by as they rang the cowbell to start the race.

Apparently, Vermont is in some mountains.  We remembered vaguely learning something in school about the 'Green Mountain' state but it didn't really register until we found ourselves on a dark, lonely gravel road after midnight and it smelled like cows.  Lit only by luminaries, the 4 mile run was a battle!  Adam White with the Bennington Banner wrote the best article on the race and if we had read it beforehand, we might have changed our mind!

Heather lost her glow stick around mile 1 and after that it was a blind jog as she tried not to roll down the mountain.  Just after mile 3 was seriously the creepiest old lady standing under a street lamp with a huge German Shepard on a leash.  Not even exaggerating when we say this lady was straight out of a Stephen King novel!  She rang her cowbell and said, "You've got two more miles and they're all uphill."  Uh, thanks for the encouragement mam!

The end was near when, in the pitch black, Heather took a step a little too close to the apparent edge of the road and fell off the shoulder.  It was arguably one of her most graceful moves, but thankfully she was so far back no one was there to see it happen.  Brett managed to finish the race despite developing a huge blister on his toe.  Battered and broken, the Garretts were really put out to learn that they were so slow that they had missed the cookies put out for the runners at the end.  We took our t-shirts and decided the next time we were coming back to Vermont was going to be for the Ben & Jerry's factory tour in Burlington.


  1. Must read! Enjoying reading your posts. Very funny stuff. Keep it up. Ours is mostly to keep the family & friends up to date with us & Matt while he is away overseas. Yours is much more fun!! :)

  2. First of all, what a cute blog! I suddenly have a vague recollection of seeing some kind of note from you on FB or Twitter a while back, asking for blog advice, and I don't think I ever got back to you. I'm SORRY! I am so bad about reading emails in a hurry and then failing to revisit and respond. Obviously, you didn't need my help anyway. This is great!

    So you and your hubby are really brave. What a funny experience that must have been. We are looking forward to visiting Vermont in the fall when the leaves start changing. We should meet up somewhere sometime!