Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the Road Again

After spending nearly two weeks in Missouri with her family, Heather loaded up with her pals Brandi Hodges & Andy Whitaker and embarked on another cross country trip!  This time the trio were headed to Lake Watauga, Tennessee to meet up with the Garrett klan for 4th of July festivities.  The 10 hour trip was nearly 600 miles!  Brett was on his own adventure too.  Driving from Clifton Park to the lake house was nearly 13 hours and 800 miles (or a tank and a half of gas in the Prius). 

 Fortunately Brett had satellite radio.  For the traveling trio, there were plenty of Glee soundtrack songs to pass the time...and pinwheel making, lots and lots of pinwheel making.  (Heather & Brandi plan on making their first million by selling handmade pinwheel quilts online-Geez, it's a slow process though!)  Stimulating conversation also brought up the fact that there is an arrow in the Fed-Ex logo...did you ever notice that?  We sure didn't!  

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