Sunday, July 4, 2010

Patriotic Pride: 4th of July Flotilla

After weeks apart and traveling thousands of miles, the Garretts finally reunited at the family compound on Lake Watauga, Tennessee.  The occasion:  the annual 4th of July Flotilla!

For the last few years, Heather & Brett have spent the 4th with their friends doing some major boat decorations, trying out some serious water sports and attempting not to burn down Tennessee with our $.79 sparklers.  Back when Heather & Brett were just dating, the Flotilla was all fun and games.  Now that they're married, it's serious business.  Boarding the S.S. Garrett means you'll have to boost the patriotic morale into overdrive if you don't want to get thrown overboard!  This year, the male shipmates even donned patriotic swimming suits in honor of the festivities! (and a $5 sale at Walmart)

First mate Brett really enjoys yelling "Happy 4th of July!" at the land lovers through his oil funnel.  Some of us wonder if the oil residue isn't starting to get to him.  But our real gimmick is bubbles!  Some boats have helium balloons, some have air horns and some even have live bands (the really big boats) but we have bubbles!  A bubble malfunction this year left the camera slightly impaired throughout the last half of the flotilla, so some of the pictures turned out a little blurry.

Here's a snapshot of the fun:

The most sparkly girl on the lake!

Walter Mack's first Flotilla!

The boat decorating committee.

Mr. & Mrs. Lake Watauga 2010

That tat is hardcore flotilla.

We heart Lake Watauga!

They fought over who got to wear the Uncle Sam hat.

The real Mr. & Mrs. Garrett.

Our stiffest competition.

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