Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sojourner Stop

Brett & Heather were just tickled pink when we learned that Brett's grandparents, Marge and Walt Hamilton, planned on stopping by our neck of the woods this summer on their way to a Sojourner trip in Canada.  They live in Charlotte, North Carolina so we had not gotten a chance to visit with them since the lake trip this year.  We were so excited to get company we ran right out and bought new plants for the front door!
Walt & Marge pull a monstrous RV behind a huge truck cross country for their trips.  They've even driven to Alaska and back with that haul!  As soon as they parked it in a lot across Saratoga County they were over to visit.  Can you guess the first thing we did?  Was it:

  • A) show them the sights
  • B)  take them out for dinner  
  • C)  play a Garrett family card game of "Pounce"
  • D) put them to work  
    • If you picked "D" congrats! You win...nothing!

The "Married Garretts" had outgrown the "Single Garretts" beds they had been sleeping on for sometime now and we were due an upgrade.  (Heather & Brett had four full sized beds between the two of us when we first got married.)  We sweet talked them into letting us use their truck to haul home a new king mattresses/box spring from Sam's Club, where we found the best deal on a bed that we liked.  It was such an ordeal to get it loaded and put together, but after the first great night of sleep, it was totally worth it!

The Hamilton's stay in NY wasn't all work and no play.  We showed them Cohoes Falls just up the road from our apartment and made sure they got some of the great New York pizza and cannolis.  Of course, we blew their socks off with a escalator ride through the two story Wal-Mart (and who isn't impressed with that?)

But it was probably Marge that had the best time on this trip. Granny is the reason Brett was raised proper as a St. Louis Cardinals fan.  Walt & Marge lived in St. Louis for many years of Brett's childhood and alway took him down to Busch Stadium to watch the Redbirds play.  Granny was such a die hard baseball fan she even hauled Brett and his sister Dana to spring training several times and the autograph hounds have a huge collection of baseball memoribilia.  So it was only fair that we take Granny to the Baseball Hall of Fame and show her one of our favorite places here in New York.  She never stopped smiling while she was in there...but it might have been because Heather never stopped taking pictures.

Those Garretts read everything!
#1 Cardinal Fan!
Representin' MO
Lou Brock once yelled at Marge outside of a spring training camp.  She's never forgiven him.
The Hamiltons hanging with Hank.
The Cardinals are a family affair.

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