Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watauga Lake Magazine

Some folks have big goals and aspirations.  Make a million dollars.  Retire by the time you are 45.  Win one of those carnival games.  Our is to make the Watauga Lake Magazine every year during the 4th of July Flotilla!  Dream big right?  With about a 100 boats to compete with, we've been constantly surprised and honored to make the pages of the publication.

Strategic planning, design and execution are the keys to successfully decorating a boat.  Too many balloons and you could end up like that old man on Up.  Use crepe paper and your boat looks like it's bleeding all over the lake.  The Garretts spend 364 days out of the year plotting and planning their floating masterpiece in the hopes of print recognition.  (Brandi thinks we should just buy a trophy to present to ourselves.)

We all wear sparkly tiaras or Uncle Sam hats, paint our nails like Pepsi commercials and rely heavily on the bubble factor and so far it's worked.  This year we added patriotic rhinestone sticker tattoos from the Target dollar spot and flashing jewel rings Heather found at La Boutique in Poplar Bluff...and they were fabulous!  It's amazing what magical items you can find on the post 4th of July clearance racks that make us red, white and blue winners!

2010's effort was no different and it paid off again!

2010 photo
(Heather is convinced it was her specially painted patriotic cowbell that attracted the photographer's attention for this 2010 magazine shot.)

2009 photo

2007 photo 

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