Monday, July 19, 2010

Because We're Givers

"I feel like a human juice box.  Hawaiian Blood Punch." - Micheal Scott, The Office
The American Red Cross reports there are more than 16 million blood donations collected every year!  Just under 38% of Americans are eligible to donate, but less than 8% of folks actually do.  That means only 3 out of 100 people who can, will donate blood.  Well, pin a rose on our nose, 'cause the Garretts make up 2 out of that 3!

Brett has been donating blood since high school and talked Heather into trying it for the first time when they were working at KAIT in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Leary of needles, she did it to impress him and then realized you got all the Little Debbie snack cakes you could eat afterwards!  As a starving news reporter, there was more than once occasion where free Chic-Fil-A was motivation enough to roll up the sleeve.

Our apartment complex announced they were hosting a blood drive and we were super pumped to get drained!  The Landings rolled in the big ol' American Red Cross donor mobile and we hopped on.  "Just a little prick" turned into three punches for Heather, but the needle wielding lady finally found a juicy vein because it took less than 7 minutes for this donation! Brett & Heather apparently are fast bleeders and realize that they'll need to be in the back of the heard if they ever get caught up in a gunfire/hostage situation.  Our theory revolves around making sure we're behind the slow bleeders when the bullets start flying..that way we can go get help, you know.

Sadly, we realized we had not donated since before our wedding.  Our honeymoon to Mexico disqualified us for a little while and it always seemed like you could never find a blood drive going on in Mississippi?  The prize for our pints this Friendly's Ice Cream!

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