Monday, August 16, 2010

All We Wanna Do Is Zoom-a-Zoom Zoom Zoom

With a chance of storms, a low cloud ceiling and 69 degree temperatures in the forecast, our Sunday morning couldn't have been better illustrated if Maroon 5 was serenading us themselves.  While our friends and family are sweltering in the heat and humidity in Missouri, Arkansas and North Carolina, it's just wrong that it's mid August and we're kind of chilly here.  But we know our time is coming for weather complaining.  Our clock is ticking on this beautiful summers in upstate New York and our warm weather outdoor activities.

Throwing caution to the wind (and Brett's refusal to just sit calmly by a normal pool or beach) we headed a mere 38 miles south of Albany to East Durham, New York to the Zoom Flume water park.  And it just kept getting cloudier and cloudier as we drove higher into the northern Catskill mountains.  By the time we made it there, it was only raining a little.

Touted as New York's #1 Family Water Park, the Zoom Flume is a pretty good bang for your buck as far as local, small water parks go.  With our $2 off coupons printed from the park's website, our admission was $23 per person and the park allowed you to bring in coolers so we packed our lunch according to our new mean diet.  But don't count on any of the 12-year-old lifeguards saving your life there.  We saw more than just a few texting away rather than keeping their eyes on the youngsters in the pools.  Good thing we already knew how to swim.

With about a dozen water attractions, it didn't take us long to hit the highlights.  The rainy weather played into our favor as we didn't have to wait in line for anything.  We were some of the first to enjoy the Riptide Cove Wave Pool, which just opened this summer.  Built right next to a gorge, some of the water slides at Zoom Flume gave the illusion of flying off the side of the mountain!  (Which is why Heather is a little leery of the steeper, more narrow slides...she's convinced she'll actually be the first person to fly off of one and think how embarrassing that will be!) We were a little battered and bruised when the day was over and our lips might have had the slightest tinge of blue to them, but what better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon than at the water park!

 Here's the highlight reel:


  1. That looks like fun! Enjoy these kinds of days now...once you have kids, you will be relegated to the wading pool for a very, very, very long time. If you're lucky, you might get to sit next to a turtle that shoots water out of its shell.