Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bloom Where You're Planted

Summer:  triple digits, high humidity, stagnant, sweltering heat's the dog days of summer.  Ever wonder what that means?  Who came up with "dog days of summer"?  And why dog?  Apparently, the name comes from the ancient belief that the Sirius star, also called the Dog star, was in close proximity to the sun and largely believed to be responsible for the hot weather.  Well, thanks...thanks a lot mister.

With August bleeding into September, it's officially the Dog Days of summer across much of the country. Or is it?  We say, it just depends on where you are.  In North Carolina, Brett's family has faced several days with temperatures nearing the triple digits marks.  Much of August for them has been in the mid to upper 90's.  In the Heartland, Heather' parents and friends are melting to several consistent days with record temperatures over 100! 
Front office landscaping

But, August in Upstate New York is a bit different...a little more mild, to say it nicely.  We've hovered in the mid to low 80's for the majority of the month.  Not really fair is it?!  Sleeping with the windows open is nice, not being able to swim in the pool because the water is too cold is not so nice.  (Don't worry, we know we're gonna pay for it come can get your laughs in then when winter is only 40 degrees there and we're at -40 degrees in our self made igloos.)

Major hanging basket
Probably our favorite part of the cooler temperatures up here is all the produce and flowers that are still around.  It seems that when you get to this time of year back home, everything is just about dead.  All the flowers and vegetation are usually scorched by the sun, dried out from no water and we're all waiting on one good wind storm to launch us into Dust Bowl II.  

Black Eyed Susans
We're not sure how long we have until the first frost.  Brett keeps saying the end of September, but hopefully it won't be that soon so we can enjoy all of the beautiful plants and flowers.  We do consider it a bad omen that most all the local nurseries have all their huge plants and flowers on sale 50-75% off clearance right now.  The weather almost feels like Fall is in the air, but with Spring in the ground.  The seasons here are rather dramatic so we're pretty sure we won't miss the next one, whenever it does decide to show up. 

Crazy Flower Mound!

Pink Petunias

Wild Black Eyed Susans

Petunia's everywhere!

Another Crazy Flower Mound!

NY Squirrels aren't scared of fact, he won this stare-down.

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