Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Got Buns Hun?

According to myth, the use of the phrase "hot dog" was coined by a newspaper cartoonist in 1900 recording the sale of hot dogs during a New York Giants baseball game at Polo Grounds.  There's some debate as to who invented the hot dog, but the idea of the hot dog on a bun is home to Missouri!  Credit falls to the wife of a German man who sold hot dogs on the streets of St. Louis in 1880.  She noticed customers kept taking the white gloves handed to them so they could eat the weenies without burning their hands and thought the bun would be a good idea.

So one would reason a hot dog is a hot dog and a bun is a bun right?  Not so fast buster!  (This is the North and they do things differently up here) After making a quick trip to Wal-Mart for the staples, Brett innocently grabbed a bag of Freihofer's hot dog buns to go with the incredible Italian sausages we'd picked up for dinner.  All was fine and dandy until we cranked open the bag to dig in and realized something wasn't quiet right.  These were hot dog rolls.  Huh?

Closer inspection revealed these buns were top sliced down the middle, not to the side!  (Apparently this is what New Engenders eat their hot dogs and lobster rolls on.)  The cut holds the dog firmly so it doesn't fall out and lets you pile the toppings high.  Down south, we've never really enjoyed anything more than mustard and maybe relish so the idea of adding grilled onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, sliced pickles, sweet peppers and whatever else tickles your fancy just blows our mind.  After figuring out the mechanics of it, we got our dogs loaded up and decided these new buns weren't such a bad idea after all.  Further online research revealed that some folks even butter the sides of the bun and grill them for extra flavor.  Now we're talkin'!

And now we're off to do those side bends and sit ups so we can lose that butt from these buns.