Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here Comes the Bride!

The whole point of our little adventure in Boston was to attend the wedding of our sweet little friend Melissa Simas.  Mel & Heather go way back to the good ol' days at KAIT in Jonesboro, Arkansas...BBG times (before Brett Garrett) to be exact!  Melissa now is one of the prime time anchors at KARK in Little Rock, flip to channel 4 if you're in the area and you'll catch her around 10 p.m.

August 9, 2008
Originally from Taunton, Massachusetts, Melissa decided to come back home to marry her Arkansas beau Nathan Tyler in a beautiful Catholic ceremony tied to her Portuguese roots.  While were not exactly sure just how long the Little Rock couple had been dating for before they tied the knot, we can guarentee it was at least two years...on the dot.  You see, Melissa caught the bouquet and Nathan caught the garter at our wedding on August 9, 2008!  (We like to think we had something to do with their big decision!)

The wedding was scheduled for 2:30 at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Taunton, so we figured we needed to get their before the start time in order to get a good seat.  Good ol' Garmin got us to the church on time, actually about 25 minutes early, and just in time to catch a whole heard of people leaving the church and waving to a bride & groom on the sidewalk!  Panic just about set in before we realized that was not Melissa and her new groom, but rather the bride who had booked the church in the ceremony before.  Talk about hearts skipping a beat though!

Coming down the aisle
The full nuptial mass featured a violinist from the Boston College Choir Orchestra, an organist who has performed at Carnegie Hall and a soloist from the Opera Boston.  Their performance of Ava Maria and Amazing Grace would have knocked your socks off y'all!  Part of the ceremony was in Portuguese, as were most of the guests.  Melissa's parents are both Portuguese and more than half of her family still lives in Portugal!  Some how we ended up on the groom's side, which gave us a better view of what was going on up front.

Swedish meatballs & lace
The wedding was beautiful and we were so thrilled to have been able to come.  Never in a million years would we have imagined ourselves in Boston at our friend from Arkansas' wedding!  With some time to kill before the real fun of the reception, we did what any other formally dressed couple would do: we went to Ikea!

After a treasure trove of fabulous finds and a tiny, little snack of Swedish meatballs later, the Garretts had burned enough time and were off to downtown Boston for the Simas/Tyler reception.  Built on the site of a 17th century battery, The Boston Harbor Hotel at Rowes Wharf has been awarded the Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Award and is listed as one of the "World's Best Places to Stay."  It was beautiful to say in the least!  

Next season on DWTS!
Making their first entrance as husband and wife, Mr. & Mrs. Tyler hit the dance floor with a bang!  The couple had spent some time practicing their dance moves and would have easily gotten 10's from Bruno, Carrie Ann and Len for their first performance to Otis Redding's Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.  Fitting for the Boston Harbor, right?  

But the perfect score was to come soon enough in dinner!  Melissa & Nathan's guests were treated to a menu of char grilled sea scallops, goat cheese cake, filet mignon, Maine lobster tail along with a trio of wedding desserts.  Dinner was unbelievable!  We decided there are perks to living this close to the ocean.  Our best surprise of the night was being seated at the 'fun table.'  Table 14 turned out to be a random mixture of Nathan & Melissa's friends from college and work and were folks from Boston and Little Rock.  Great food, great conversation and a great reason to celebrate!

We had a such a great time at Melissa's wedding and were so honored to be guests there...Our best wishes to the new couple!

With the right bride in front of St. Anthony's
ADPi's are everywhere!  Like at Table 14 with Mrs. Ann Dulong Close

Our eco-friendly wedding packaging!

Table 14 Friend from Little Rock Jessica Franklin
Let them eat cake!

Celebrating our 2nd anniversary!

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