Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Year's Resolution: August 5K

Race #8
Sometimes there's nothing like waiting until the last minute...with the clock ticking down on August we finally decided we were going to have to find a 5K in order to keep with our New Year's resolution.  Fortunately, in upstate NY, we've been able to find plenty of races that fall on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Down south, event organizers wouldn't dare push their luck hoping someone would skip church and show up for something on a Sunday morning.

Ready to run!
With all of the fun/cool races mapquesting out at around 3+ hours away (we found one where you dressed up like super heroes!), we decided to stick close to home on this race so we could make it to the Midsummer Derby later in the day.  We headed 30 minutes over to Altamont for the 12th Annual Altamont 5K.  This race benefited the community's food pantry and they asked all runners to bring non-perishable, unexpired items to donate.

Still taste good to us!
Well, easier said then done.  When we decided to do the race (at about 10:30 p.m. the night before) Heather realized we were going to have to get together some canned goods.  After checking the pantry, she realized that the Garretts only owned about five things that weren't expired.  (It's not like canned foods really go bad, right?)  Some of the stuff we had in the food closet was old...really old!  Like 2007 old. The Altamont food pantry received a Oreo graham cracker pie crust and a can of peaches from the Garretts. We're sure that will go lovely together.

The race course was an easy run, with a relativly flat terrain and mile markers that let you know just where you were.  But now that we're on our "mean diet" we're only consuming around 500 calories a day.  We may be looking more fabulous, but our energy levels are laughable.  Since it's been weeks since we've had carbs or sugars, this race was a tough run, but could have been really easy under different circumstances.  Maybe next year we'll conquer it easily and make a resolution to throw out all food that was sold/processed before we moved to New York.  Maybe.

Click here for race results.  (**Spoiler Alert** - We didn't win.)


  1. Wow. What an awesome resolution to do together! Good for you guys!

    I started trying to do a workout DVD at home to try to lose a few pounds. It's like an open invitation for my kids to climb all over me. And they keep telling me that my butt is sticking out and laughing about it. Lots of fun.