Saturday, August 21, 2010

Soaking Up the Sun

Pick a slide...any slide
With upstate New York's beautiful summer slipping away, Mr. ADHD was blowing up craigslist searching for a great deals on fun weekend activities.  When Brett came across super cheap tickets to the Enchanted Forest Water Safari in the Adirondack State Park in Old Forge, NY we knew we couldn't pass it up...even though we had spent the last weekend freezing our tails off at the Zoom Flume.

Seeing the Sights!
Although two hours away from Clifton Park, this water park promised much more than just your average lazy river.  It featured an amusement park with some old school classic rides (who didn't love the Tilt-A-Whirl when they were a kid?), a boardwalk of carnival games and more than 30 water rides.  The park was huge!  If we hadn't taken a trip on the Sky Ride, there's a good chance we might have missed seeing some of the 60 acre park.  

Heather & Pauly B.
Open since 1956, the park was originally called The Enchanted Forest of the Adirondacks.  Back then it was set in 35 acres of swampland and it only cost you a $1 to get in.  Kids were just $.25.  Geez, those were the days!  The design of the park is based on fairy tales (see photo to left of Paul Bunyan & Heather-posing as Babe the Blue Ox) and also incorporates a large circus tent.  Today the park still features a circus performance everyday around noon and at 4:00 p.m.

Like a giant bathtub
One of the cool (or warm) things about this park is that the pools were heated!  With temperatures in the low 70s while we were there and a pretty good breeze up in the mountains, the warm water made a big difference!  What a great idea we say, we love swimming in bathwater!  

For about the same price as the Zoom Flume, the Enchanted Forest Water Safari was a longer drive, but a better bang for your buck.  Tickets normally go for $25.95, but we got our for less than half that on craigslist.  It's definitely worth a trip to New York's largest water theme park!

More highlights: