Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Switch: A Well Conceived Comedy

Few people know that Heather spent nine hours of her college career in "film studies" (c'mon...Science Fiction & Horror Films? It was an totally easy A) and Brett even had a couple of movie classes back in his day.  So that means they're practically the replacements for Siskel & Ebert...right?

When Brett stumbled across two tickets to an advanced screening of The Switch on craigslist, he was on the phone and had us hooked up in minutes for the evening showing.  With not a lot of time to spare, we programed the Garmin and headed over to Troy to pick up our $5 tickets...and ended up promptly in the 'hood.  Like if Boyz in the Hood met 8 Mile and they have a baby.  And then, meanwhile ATL and New Jack City met and had a baby.  And by some miracle those two babies met and they had a baby - this would be where we ended up.  After Brett walked up to a street gang with cash in his hand asking about craigslist tickets, we realized we were on the wrong street!  We're lucky we didn't accidentally buy crack.

The big ticket
Finally, we found our ticket man exactly one street over (and in a much nicer area incidentally) did the dirty deed and soon with ticket in hand, we headed to the theater across town.  We felt like Willy Wonka with his golden ticket!  As soon as we got through the door, the security and regulations of the evening started kicking in.  We were promptly told by a "Indoor Rayban Sunglasses with his dark suit wearing, white athletic socks, toothpick chewing, probably had at least a Glock in there somewhere" serious security man to turn off all electrical devices.  All it took was just the glow of a cell phone screen and the Piracy Police were right next to your seat with more than just a stern look.

The Switch, rated PG-13, stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, but it's the bit players that make this movie.  The storyline revolves around Aniston's character decided to have a baby.  Rather than use the eligible sperm of her BFF Bateman, she goes with a charming donor played by Patrick Wilson.  Bateman's character gets drunk at Aniston's "insemination party" (and just what kind of gift do you buy for that?) and he spills the donor sperm, replacing it with his own.

Thumbs Up!
Fast forward seven years later and you meet the son, Sebastian (played by Thomas Robinson-the next generation Jerry Maguire kid) who is the spitting image of Bateman.  Not only is that kid is hilarious and steals nearly every scene, he has some beautiful brown eyes!  We won't spoil the ending, but the supporting cast of Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum pick up a lot of laughs.  The mostly older audience around us seemed to really enjoy it!

The Switch is from the folks who did Little Miss Sunshine and Juno so if you were like us and loved those two, you'll probably go for this lighter comedy.   This cute little chick flick is perfect for a first date or movie night with the girls...we foresee plenty of female audiences headed to the theaters this weekend for it's opening.  We'll give three pairs of shoes/out of five on a power line in the ghetto.

Here's the trailer:

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  1. Sounds like a movie that I would really like and my husband would really hate. LOL. This is why we don't watch a lot of movies together.

    BTW - I loved your description of the hood! Hilarious.