Sunday, September 12, 2010

Changing of the Guard

Bye Bye Birdies!
With fall rapidly approaching, it means only one thing:  football season is here!  The temperatures have dropped, the pool is closed and we've drug out our jeans for the rest of the year wear (crazy in mid September right?).  With the St. Louis Cardinals just a few games from the end of their season, it was time to retire their team flag and move in a new direction...hello, football season!

Well, if you're south of the Mason-Dixon line you know good and well that high school football rules the roost when classes start back.  Most schools in Missouri and Arkansas head back around the second week in August, but up here kids don't hit the books until after Labor Day!  Brett has spent many, many, many Friday nights standing on a sideline waiting praying for someone to score so he could race to the next game, then race to edit before pitching the show live.  Heather cut her teeth in television as the pesky/perky voice on the other end of the line badgering folks for scores so she could get a complete scoreboard into graphics for KFVS's Heartland Football Friday.  So when football season rolled around this year, it was a first that the Garretts could finally enjoy from the luxury of their couch.

Brett & the Ole Miss Cheerleaders
College football is an institution in the South.  Living in the heart of the SEC put the Garretts within spitting distance of several schools known more for their athletic records than anything else.  Smack dab in the middle of Mississippi made us targets to pledge our allegiance to either Ole Miss or Mississippi State.  On more than once occasion, Brett was accused by viewers of 'favoring' one school or another by showing a few seconds more of highlights in his newscast.  Funny how the viewers never seemed to catch on that Brett was from North Carolina by way of Arkansas.  Since moving to upstate New York, we haven't discovered any area colleges with teams worth following and we're not sure anyone up here is paying attention either.  Looks like Heather's Missouri State Bears and Brett's East Carolina Pirates are still safely #1 in our books!  (Hey, at least the Pirates made it to the Liberty Bowl last year!)

Go Panthers!
While these Yankees don't seem to be too interested in high school or college football, they sure are crazy about professional pigskin!   The NFL has seven teams in the New England area!  Whether you're a Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, New York Jets, New England Patriots, Washington RedskinsPhiladelphia Eagles or a Baltimore Ravens fan, there's plenty of grid iron glory going on around here.  Of course, the Garretts are sticking to their roots (well Brett's anyway) and are cheering this season for their beloved Carolina Panthers.  Brett's family has season tickets, plus #34, running back DeAngelo Williams, is a Region 8 boy.  Williams is  from Wynne, Arkansas and Brett covered him during his college years at Memphis while working at KAIT.

As the Cardinals flag goes down and the Panthers flag goes up at the Garrett homestead, we have high hopes for this year's football season!