Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Easy A" is a Sure Thing

Technology makes things so much easier
Siskel & Ebert's Heather & Brett's movie review skills are starting to become a finely tuned machine.  When Heather started following buzzbo Albany on Facebook after their last movie sneak peek to watch The Switch, she noticed on their website a place to register for more tickets to advanced previews.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, she was printing off her own free tickets to a screening of Easy A and bypassing another trip back to the hood.

Easy A doesn't actually come out in theaters until September 17th so security was in full force at the Regal Theater Colonie Center in Albany. Our cell phones were confiscated at the door, placed in numbered brown paper bags and we were given a claim ticket in order to get them back after the movie. Two security guards waved the wand at us while checking purses and bags for any other electronically recording devices. Funny thing...apparently no one was worried about outside food because the couple in front of us ate Taco Bell and the people next to them had a mini pizza from Pizza-Hut. Next time, we're thinking we'll just pack a bucket of KFC, complete with sides, and really enjoy the show!

Emma reluctantly posed for this pic
Easy A stars a pretty solid cast with Emma Stone (you'll recognize her as the girl who rocked Zombieland), Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes (whose face is so distractingly round in this whole flick?), Thomas Hayden Church and Lisa Kudrow.  Rated PG-13, the movie is best described as sort of a teen film made for adults.  Stone's character, Olive, lets a lie about her virginity spiral out of control and suddenly sees her clean cut status paralleling Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter.  Rather than dispel the truth, she embraces her inner pseudo-harlot image, adds an "A" to her wardrobe and rides the rumor mill to high school fame and fortune.  

Lots of humorous teen angst moments that pick up the pace on a plot chugging along with a few surprises you won't see coming.  You also can't help but look at Stone and think she reminds you of a pre-strug out Lindsey Lohan.

Olive's family (dad-Stanley Tucci, mom-Patricia Clarkson & little brother-Bryce Clyde Jenkins) was an excellent cast of eccentric, empowering, over supportive, post-era hippies.  But it's the men in Olive's life that really shine in this funny film.  Thomas Hayden Church plays the English teacher behind the education of A Scarlet Letter.  Cougar Town's Dan Byrd plays a gay teen who Olive pretends to bed in order to change his rep in high school.  As the rumors run rampant, so do the nerdy guys looking for the fake lay!  Look for lots of subtle product placement'll be surprised at how crafty the advertisers sneak it in!  Bynes leads the pack against Olive & her tart rep, picketing at one scene to "Expel the Slut!"

The tale weaves a great morale message to kids about how quickly lives can change because of social media.  Perhaps this film falls into social drama genre rather than romantic comedy?  A very timely subject for students heading back to school!  For most, high school is a tough time and with today's generations absorbed in tweeting, status updates and friend counts, the potential lesson here is that life is not a John Hughes movie.  The characters in Easy A are fun, easy to watch and the writing delivers enough whit, sarcasim and humor to leave audiences laughing out loud.  Which is what we did...while wishing we were eating that Taco Bell in the row in front of us.
Check out the trailer to Easy A: