Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halfway Through the Mean Diet

Why is '40 days' such a significant time period?  First of all, it's all over the Bible.  From Exodus to Genesis, it's 40 this and 40 that.  Astronomers use the time to calculate all sorts of stuff.  Google '40 Days' on line and you'll be bombarded with tons of hits:  40 Day Cleanse, 40 Days of Love, 40 Days of get the picture.

After starting the Mean Diet, 40 days for the Garretts has a whole new meaning.  We've learned all things fun in life are packed in the forms of carbs and sugars.  Eating is so much more a mind game than it is anything else.  And since starting this diet, it seems somehow every single fantastic food chain has sent Heather coupons and promotions in her email on a daily basis...her inbox is full of free appetizers to Fridays, try a pizza from Uno or how about a free dessert from the Melting Pot.  Thanks a lot Karma, appreciate that!

The Mean Diet has seemed to get easier as we've been chugging along, but we've had to learn a few tricks along the way to ease the pains.  First, when you're only consuming 500 calories a day, you gotta work with what you've got.  When you only get 3.5 oz. of chicken (again that's only half that frozen chicken breast from Wal-Mart) to work with for dinner, you gotta pretend it's the greatest thing you've ever had.  Eat slooooowly.  Cut your food slooooowly.  Enjoy every bite, 'cause it's all you're getting!
We heart Lettuce Wraps!

We've been eating lots of portion sized chicken kabobs with green peppers, mini tomatoes, mushrooms and onions cooked on the George Forman with plenty of seasoning sprinkled on top.  A knock off version of PF Chang's lettuce wraps have also become fast friends of ours.  Just by grilling up a small hamburger patty (3.5 ozs. of course!) and throwing in some chopped onion, halved baby corn and water chestnuts you can stretch your lettuce stuffing 'till your stuffed.  Turns out the spicy mustard dipping sauce is nothing more than just dijon mustard, water and a tiny amount of minced garlic.

We figured out that eating on the Mean Diet doesn't have to be boring but it does have to be thought out a little.  We stopped using the 'big' dinner plates and started serving ourselves on our salad plates instead.  Learned that you could trick your brain into thinking you were getting plenty of food if you didn't think you're plate was already empty by the time you sat down to eat!  Told y'all it's a mind game!

The diet is designed to have an escape plan at 23 days, which is where Brett is jumping off.  He's lost 21 pounds and actually weighs less than when we got married!  Since coming off the diet, he's slowly incorporated carbs and some sugars back into his diet and can go up to 1500 calories a day.  He has been good about eating the same when he's home with Heather, although he did have a small wheat roll the other day in front of her and she just about stabbed him with a fork for it.

Look at the before and after pics on this beanpole:

August 8th, two days before starting Mean Diet
September 4th, two days off Mean Diet

  • For more information about the HC3 Diet or if you're interested in getting started along this same path, give Carrie Carda M.D. a call at (573) 776-7393.  She'd be glad to help you like she helped us!