Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quilt 'Till You Wilt

Ever felt like you might have bitten off more than you can chew?  With Heather's mother scheduled to come visit, there was a lot of prep work to do to make sure the apartment was in tip-top show off shape.  Getting the guest room/Snap-On office livable ready was the top priority for Phyllis' visit.  Heather's mom was going to be in Portland, Maine for the National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Conference for a week and Heather planned on making the four hour drive from Clifton Park over to Portland to pick her up and spend a few days with her.  But before anyone could get out the door, things had to be in order.

About a month ago, Heather cooked up the idea that instead of buying new bedding for the guest room, she would just make it.  (Too many years in the sorority making those Shinin' Diamonds as the Spirit Chair will trick you into thinking like that) That great idea was supposed to develop into a well laid plan for a quilted duvet cover for the down comforter that would accent the room perfectly.  After taking about 3/4 of a beginners quilting class while in Tupelo, and after finding out that she had won an overall white/third place ribbon at the Butler County Fair for her baby quilt, she had the big head and Heather fancied herself an expert sewer and decided she could easily tackle this project on her own.  <Insert hysterical laugh here>
Tupleo beginners quilting class project
Can you believe it?!?  Butler Co. is full of some hard core quilters too!
After scrutinizing quilting books searching for the perfect (and easy pattern), collecting yards and yards of fabric and finally getting the nerves to tackle such a huge project, she dove in with eyes wide shut!  After working off and on the project for about a month and facing a few minor major setbacks, it started to come together. FYI:  Heather is notoriously bad a math, and apparently a quarter of an inch does make a difference in quilting.  With the clock ticking down to the deadline of heading to Portland, Brett even pitched in to help out the chaos...he was great at stacking squares and figuring the math on the sizing of the duvet covers.

Clifton Park Sweat Shop
Heather ended up doing both sides of the duvet cover differently.  One side (the totally complicated side) was called "Blue Lagoon" and was a pattern she found in a book Jelly Roll Quilts from the library.  Since you can't keep library books forever, she had to photocopy the instructions and kept them on the recipe book holder in front of her sewing machine to keep up with what to do.
Blue Lagoon in Black
The other side of the quilt was a simple 9.5" x 9.5" block pattern made from the same material used on the opposite side.  So much easier & faster to do!

This side was such a breeze!
Betsy Ross got so carried away she also cooked up a little throw pillow to go with her creation!  Some extra fabric and some fancy pants rhinestone buttons made an easy little accent to the duvet cover.

Throw this pillow and there will be trouble...
Someone once said, before Prozac there was quilting.  This quilting project just about drove us both to Prozac!  Our advice, don't put yourself on a deadline!  There are still tentative plans to do matching shams and maybe curtains, but it's one stitch at a time around here from now on!

The signature square!


  1. Beautiful work..I'm too impatient and untalented!

  2. Thank you! It seemed to take forever to finish!