Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween from the Headlines

Our first Halloween in New York had to be a good one!  Normally, if we'd spent the holiday closer than a 20 hour drive to Jonesboro, Arkansas, we would have been in costume and on roller skates at our BFF Andy Whitaker's annual Halloween on Wheels skating party.  His party always requires extra thought into planning a costume around skates...not always easy!  Last year Heather went as "Swine Flu" and Brett was "I'm a PC."  We were really sad to miss the party this year.

2009 Halloween on Wheels Party
With Brett returning from a business trip late Friday night, we really hadn't had time to brainstorm for great outfits yet.  A costume contest at the Vapor Night Club at the Saratoga Casino promised $1,000 to the best couples outfit, so we knew we had to come prepared.  Lots of ideas where thrown around...BP oil cleanup man & oil covered mermaid/shrimp....exterminator and bed bug....Snooki & the Situation.  In the end, our Halloween costumes came straight from the headlines...we decided to go as Chilean Miners!

Viva la Chile!
Funny how you don't need a costume store or a party shop to put together an outfit sometimes.  The majority of our mining costumes were from Lowe's.  (Let's build something together, right?)  With a little magic from the home computer printer, a hot glue gun and a couple of paint sticks...we were in business!

Adding authenticity....
There were some great costumes at the Vapor Club!  Folks in upstate New York really spent a lot of time crafting their outfits.  They tapped into all walks of pop culture!  Thankfully, we only came across one other miner.  He said he found his costume idea off the was one that had only a few "hits" and he thought it would be original.

Reunited miners!
Truthfully, we're not really big fans of costumes that come off of a rack or out of a bag.  Props to those who create rather than just wear.  And we don't think just because you're dressed "sexy" a.k.a. naked, that makes a great costume either (although you have to somewhat appreciate gratuitous nudity).  We did notice that the folks in Saratoga were a bit older than the bar crowds we've been around normally and were a bit more modest when it came to the "sexy" outfits.  We figured it's just too cold up here to show any more than you have to.

Operation Board Game...she won $500 for best female costume
Everyone wanted to update their status.
Avatar walked around on stilts the whole night!
Well, the costume contest was a rip.  Organized by the DJ spinning the party, they had all of the people participating come forward and they handed out numbers to those who got to be in the contest.  At least 50 couples went up...and they only had five numbers.  Needless to say, we didn't get one.  We were sort of in the back of the crowd jam before we realized that they were only handing out five and are not even sure if the DJ saw us.  A lot of really great costumes were skipped over.  But we were happy when Shrek & Fiona won, they looked pretty good.
$1,000 winners!

We may not head back to the Vapor Club next Halloween, but you better believe we'll be dressed to kill no matter where we end up!