Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let It Go...Movie Review of "Never Let Me Go"

We love free things, but if they suck...does it really count?  When Heather scored advanced screening tickets to Never Let Me Go she was super excited!  After all, it's a free movie!  But when a business conference for Brett overlapped with the ticket date, Heather found herself flying solo to the movies.  Have you ever been by yourself to the movie theater?  Totally weird not being able to talk to anyone with out creeping them out...

This screening was at the Spectrum 8 Theatre in Albany, a 30 minute drive from our apartment and if it hadn’t been for the GPS, Heather would still be wandering downtown Albany.  The path to free movies included crossing Albany's notorious Lark Street, which was very interesting after the sun sets.  There were plenty of reasons to lock the door!

Movie poster 
Never Let Me Go is based off the novel by Japanese-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro, who wrote it in 2005. Starring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, and total new hot-thang Andrew Garfield, the film centers around three characters Kathy, Ruth and Tommy.  Previews of the movie led us to believe it was a period piece (isn’t that all Keira Knightley does?) but we sort of missed what the plotline was supposed to be.  As the storyline develops, audiences learn that the world that Kathy, Ruth and Tommy live in is not exactly present day. The three spend their childhood at Hailsham, an charming English boarding school.  After they leave the school, they learn the truth about their existence.

Worst haircut ever!
They discover they are human clones, created to provide donor organs for transplants. The film is divided in multiple parts, chronicling phases in the lives of its main characters and spans the 1960s to 1994. And, by the was weird.  To sum it up: it was sort of a period piece with a futuristic plotline. If set is a different era, the story might have been able to sell itself.  But really, advanced medical technology in the 60's?  With great actors, you get great acting, but the crazy depressing storyline was too much.  Have you ever been so distracted by a character’s hair? Carey Mulligan’s hair was just plain awful in the middle of the movie, leaving Heather wondering “why didn’t that weed wacker finish the job?”

Debbie Downer & Co.
Fans of the novel will know what they are in for, but for the rest of us…this is one of those movies that is dark and depressing and wins every film award possible. Certainly not a blockbuster, the movie has netted just a fraction of it’s $15 million budget and was released in select theatres back in mid-September.  Maybe this screening was supposed to be for word of mouth?  And while set in beautiful England, the film is not scheduled to be released until early 2011 in the United Kingdom. Hopefully they’ll like it better? This film does take the prize of being one of the first movies Heather has actually seen people get up and leave…also pretty sure someone was snoring a few rows back.

The overall lesson of the film was to live life while you can, but pretty sure at least Heather learned her lesson and won't be renting this one at Redbox anytime soon.

Here’s the trailer: