Monday, October 11, 2010

Ready for Winter!

Albany Snow!
Believe it or not, one of our biggest worries since moving to New York has been preparing for winter.  The seasons are very dramatic up here and when it's time for Old Man Winter to show up, we'll know.  On the average, Albany gets more than 62" of snow annually and temperatures often drop below 0 °F at night.  The winter of 1971 holds the record of −28 °F!  The Capital Region's biggest problem is that it's close enough to the Atlantic coast to receive heavy snow from Nor'easters and apparently we also occasionally receive Alberta clippers (and yes, we had to look up what that was).  
Tupelo Snow!

Coming from Mississippi where it is practically 100°+ year round, we know we are in for a brutal shock when we experience our first "real" winter this year.  Last year, Tupelo got about .25" of snow and it shut down the whole northern part of the state...seriously.  Our Christmas wish list now has things like wool socks and cuddle-duds on it...Santa, we promise we've been really good this year!  We also realized that we couldn't wait on Kris Kringle to deliver, so we set out in search of winter warmness on our own.  
Practicing his "cold face"

Finding a winter coat was on the top list of our priorities.  Believe it or not, neither Heather or Brett owned a warm winter coat.  Sure, we have plenty of jackets, but nothing that might ward off potential frostbite.  Searching for the perfect coat turned out to be harder than expected.  In a few weeks time, we immersed ourselves in the crash course of clothing technology.  We knew we were looking for a waterproof, lined, hooded and able to withstand "arctic" temperatures kind of garment.  
Brightly bundled up!

We searched high and low looking for the right coats.  Seriously, we read gobs of product reviews and probably tried on 30 jackets each before we came across the Spyder outlet store at the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet mall.  With a little help from the sales clerk, we finally found what we were looking for...and in cute colors too!  We decided that if it was good enough for the U.S. Olympic Ski Team, then we could rock it too!  

Donning our new duds may just be one small step towards surviving the New England cold.  If not, at least we'll look like we tried. 


  1. I've lived here my whole life (in either Schenectady or Albany) and, trust me, you'll get used to it.

    Basically we have 2-3 really big snowstorms. More up north of the Capital District though.

    Watch out for the cold from late January through February. THAT can be a little rough.

  2. Heather, loved catching up via the blog. I have put Albany, NY into my I-phone so I can check temperatures easily. The truly amazing thing - it was colder in Abilene this morning than in Albany - we hit 40 degrees this morning!

    We are enjoying being in Abilene. Went to see the NCAA D-II #4 ranked ACU Wildcats this past weekend. If the 'Cats make it to the D-II finals this year, I will probably try to drive to Huntsville, AL, for the game, but that is still many weeks and key games away.

    Uncle Don

  3. I like your coats! I know you guys aren't fans of the cold so I hope you bought coats that will be warm enough!