Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Covering College Basketball on Hometown Hoops

More big news for the blogging world!  We told you last month that you could find more I Heart NY Y'all written by Heather on Brett will have you up to date with the latest basketball news for UAlbany and Siena College men's hoops!

Brett's new blog, Hometown Hoops keeps him on the sidelines of his favorite winter basketball!  After covering sports for so long in the middle of the SEC, it's a little different to check things out up here.  But the rules are still the same and the fans are just as excited.  And maybe he won't have to worry about being in the middle of the Georgia Dome covering Mississippi State again when a tornado hits (ok, so that only happened once).

Stop by and check out Brett's blog if you have a chance.  He says feel free to comment, but don't give him too much grief about his Panthers...the season's been rough enough as it is.