Monday, November 8, 2010

The Day the Music Died

So far, we've loved living in Upstate New York!  With so much to see and do here, we haven't had a dull moment since we've arrived six months ago.  But we know that all good things come to an end sooner or later.  You can't live life always looking through rose colored glasses.  Bye, bye Miss American was the day the music died.

For us, November 8th is a date that will go down in infamy, well, our own personal infamy.  It's the day we experienced our first snowfall in New York.  It started out innocently enough, with grey skies peeking in through the window blinds and the sound of raindrops hitting the windows.  But when Brett text Heather the ominous words "It's Snowing!" her response of "Where?" just went to prove how unprepared she was for winter.  She peeked out the blinds and almost passed out.  There, on the ground, was snow.

Real, live, wet, icy, cold snow.  The kind that slows traffics, shuts down schools and leaves Wal-Mart's bread aisle least in the South.  Apparently, this is just considered light sleet and snow here.  No one seems to be panicking.  No schools have let out early.  Wal-Mart is just regularly ransacked, nothing out of the ordinary.

Heather's pretty sure this brush with the apocalypse was just a warning.  "Always be prepared" is the motto of the Boy Scouts right?  Her new shopping list includes an ice scraper, some of those snow shoes that look like tennis rackets and a case of those chemical reaction hand warmers.

But wait, snow in November?  And early November at that?  Huh?  Everyone we've met up here has told us that things don't get bad here until at least January.  Lying bastards.  It was all a big fat trick.  Back in Southeast Missouri, it's 60 degrees today.  In Charlotte, today's high is 65.  Welcome to Upstate New York's a balmy 32 degrees.