Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mr. Ed vs. NYC

With Mr. Ed & Phyllis in tow, Brett & Heather set off for their first driving adventure to New York City!  Our big plan was to take in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and we decided spending the night in NYC would be easier than getting up at the crack of dawn to make the journey.  We pricelined a hotel, hopped in the car and  just over two hours later found the GPS taking us into fun and adventure!  We love going to the city, but were super excited because it was Mr. Ed's first trip to NYC.

We saw the famous skyline...

We drove right by Yankee Stadium...

...and onward to the Plaza Hotel.  Check that.  Actually it was the Best Western Plaza Hotel.  In Long Island City.  In Queens.  That's because guests of the new celebrity Ding-Dang-Dong stay at the world-renowned Plaza Hotel!  Here's a view of the street it was on.  Pretty impressive, huh?  That's just how the Flanigans roll...

Luckily, we had a pimped out room.  And yes, you're seeing all of it in the camera shot.  No trick photography here.  Or room for bed bugs.

After we played paper, rock, scissors for bed space, we hopped on the subway to Manhattan.  Mr. Ed had  his camera finger trigger ready...this is just about all we saw him do the whole trip.  He was just a little Razorback over a flash.

Our first stop was in Central Park.  It was beautiful!  The leaves were still on the trees and there were plenty of places to take some great potential Christmas card pictures.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

We've learned that our visitors like to eat on a regular schedule, so we try to make sure folks get fed when they come to stay with us.  Brett had been dying to eat at Gray's Papaya for a while and when we found one in Manhattan, we had to check it out.

Famous for their inexpensive 'high quality' hot dogs, we hit the branch at 72nd and Broadway.  Our only complaint was that they didn't have seats.

After some papaya juice to tide us over, we set off for the main attraction of the day:  watching the balloons blow up for the parade!  Filling up the 'floats' happened at the block around the American Museum of Natural History and it was pretty cool to see our own little Thanksgiving Day history being made. 

Apparently, watching balloons fill slowly with helium is down right riveting.  There were thousands of people crowded into the area!  A few were well behaved adults, but most were accompanied by crazed, sugar crack fueled children mounted to battering-rams disguised as strollers.  (Brett left the viewing with only 9 toes in tact)  The children that weren't strapped into a moving device were left to run wild...which is probably why Mr. Ed got stampeded by a six-year-old little boy, most likely all jacked up on Mountain Dew.

Yes, a small child maniac knocked down Heather's 59-year-old father...face first into the concrete sidewalk in front of a row full of television live trucks, a couple of hundred people and only a few feet from the Macy's Star balloons.  Some of the New Yorkers passing by were polite enough to ask if he was OK before they stepped over him.  Heather scraped him up just before he got ran over by another tank stroller.

Although battered, bloody and bruised, Mr. Ed was a trooper!  We decided he would sound tougher if we told people he was mugged, so if you see him stick to that story.

His limp didn't stop him from seeing Times Square.  The bright lights seemed to perk him right up and we all got a kick out of seeing ourselves on the Forever 21 jumbo-tron.  Can you find Heather' green coat?

We decided we were lucky that the bright lights were a detraction from the swelling setting in on Mr. Ed's nose.  After all, who takes a Christmas card picture just after they get mugged?  We do.



  1. Great pictures, despite the swelling. Too funny about your dad! Glad he's okay! I hope that doesn't happen to my father-in-law when we go in a couple of weekends! We'll be on the lookout for kids carrying bottles of Mountain Dew!

  2. Wow.Sorry about all the exclamation points in that comment. It looks like I'm the one jacked up on Mountain Dew. :)

  3. OMG, did Heather drive in NYC? After all the excitement for the parade, are Mr Ed and Phyllis going to brave New Year's Eve in Times Square? Aunt Cinderella

  4. @Kate: Tell your FIL to watch out for crazy strollers! And be sure to carry some Advil/bandaids with you!

    @Aunt Cinderella: Can you believe they wouldn't let me drive?? :) They'll probably still be recovering from the Thanksgiving trip by the time NYE rolls around! You need to plan a visit!

  5. Thank goodness, they all had their senses about them, I've ridden with you before! Remember that death defying trip down 65 to Branson after your graduation in Dec? The 3 seniors riding in the back seat were praying we'd get there and back in one piece! Happy Holidays, I love NY too! Auntie!