Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Year's Resolution: November 5K

Race #11!
Keeping with our New Year's resolution to do a 5K every month in the year 2010, we got to cross visiting the state of Connecticut off of our bucket list this time.  Our November race took us 2.5 hours to Washington Depot, CT to partake in the Turkey Trot in Steep Rock 5K.

Connecticut turned out to be a cute little state! There are only 3.5 million people in the entire state, but get's only  70 miles wide and 110 miles long!  A lot of what we saw seemed pretty rural and we didn't have cell phone coverage in much of the area that we were in.  You'd think one cell tower would pretty much cover the whole state.

With colder weather, we've been sort of slackers when it's come to running lately.  So we pretty much fell out of bed and showed up for this one.  All we can say is good thing there were no ski mountains involved!  The race course was probably the easiest and most beautiful we've seen to date!  We ran this 5K right alongside the river in the Steep Rock Preserve and it was hard to stay focused on the course without looking at the scenery.

Gotta love the end!
When the organizers yelled "Go!" the CT runners took off like a shot and we just tried to keep up.  It seems like people run a lot faster up here than the did back down in the South?  It's probably the balmy 30 degree temperatures that motivate them to finish as quickly as they can!

We really love it when the super fast 17-year-old boys with no fat on their bodies win 5K's in 12 minutes and then run them again just for fun.  There's nothing like the encouragement those clowns yell like, "Keep going! You're doing great!" when they lap you for the second time.  We'd trip 'em when they go by...but who are we kidding?  We can't catch 'em.  

Heather believes in multi-tasking as often as she she took pictures along the way.  Which is her official excuse for not finishing first.  

Views like this made running a distraction... 
CT is pretty!
Notice no one is around on the course.
Either Heather is leading or waaaaay in the back
If you run too fast, you miss views like this!
That blur is Brett Garrett!
Just one more race to go!

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