Monday, November 22, 2010

Running Like a Razorback

After months of planning and preparing, our Thanksgiving turkeys visitors have finally arrived!  Heather's parents, Mr. Ed & Phyllis made the trip from Missouri with only a few hitches in the road.  When their flight from St. Louis to Chicago was delayed for weather, it put them racing the clock to catch their connecting flight to Albany.  Mr. Ed claims he was "running like a Razorback on a 100 yard dash" through the Midway Airport with Phyllis in tow.  We can only imagine the sight!

Mr. Ed & Phyllis noted that the ride was a little bumpy, but overall did enjoy their flight to Chicago once they got past their nearly two hour delay.  However, they thought the most interesting part was that Miss Illinois was on the Southwest plane with them...dressed in full tiara and sash.  So just how exactly do you get a crown through security?

From Chi-town to the Empire State there were no problems, but they were a little disappointed the cloud coverage blocked any view.  Finally, the dynamic duo reached their New York destination and were so excited to be greeted like the celebrities they were.  How could you not be excited to see really nice hand painted poster board?  Maybe next time we'll even spring for a limo.

Welcome to New York Flanigan family!


  1. Heather, you are hilarious. Always thinking strategically, aren't you??? :) I love the new look of the blog and all the artwork. Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Also...Kyle and I have made that same dash through O'Hare when our flight from London arrived late and we almost missed our plane to St. Louis. We laughed that we must have looked like the family from Home Alone, who were also in Chicago. Maybe it's a Chicago thing?

  2. lol, it's all about product placement! :D