Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Sam's

As news reporters, we were constantly counting our change.  Getting paid little more than minimum wage while trying to make the rent and cover the cost of dry cleaning didn't leave a lot of lettuce for lettuce.  One learns to become creative in order to stretch a dollar.  Brett & Heather became the masters of hosting the pot luck dinner parties.  We'd cook huge amounts of inexpensive pasta and everyone would bring a side dish.  It was sort of like operating our own food pantry, but with cheap bottle of wine.  We had some great times with our friends slurping spaghetti.

Mecca, with membership.
But the best trick of all was taught to us from our dear friend Ron Smiley.  He introduced Heather to the Sam's Club Cafe, and she in turn showed Brett.  Thanks to Heather's mom Phyllis for the hook up with the Sam's membership!

Samples and giveaways served as appetizers, but the main course was either pizza and a drink (for $2.50!) or a hot dog and drink (for $1.50).  Ice cream for under a $1!  You could actually have full lunch for less than $5!  There were days that with just the flash of one membership card, half of the KAIT newsroom could take up an entire lunch room cafeteria table at Sam's Club in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

We usually enjoy a weekend lunch at Sam's Club here in New York.  The closest one is in Latham and they have some of the best (and biggest) samples we've seen yet!  The samples are practically lunch in themselves.  No joke, one day we were there and they were handing out little cups of Budweiser beer.  Really, do free samples get better than that?

Gogurt is weird.
Try some pie?  Yes please!
But we've learned that not all Sam's Clubs are the same.  Our store's cafeteria in New York offers an amazing Italian sausage with green peppers and onions, but it's only randomly available.  We loved the Tupelo, Mississippi Sam's because it had a window to see outside and always had good hot dogs....but we did think it was disturbing they had mouse traps on the floor.  The Sam's Club in Jonesboro served the best ice cream and shakes!  But our favorite Sam's Club probably has to be in Cape Girardeau, Missouri simply because you can purchase alcohol and wine there at discount prices and get your snack fix for cheap.  The best of both worlds!

Yes, we can probably afford to spend more than $5 on lunch these days.  But some habits die hard.

What a bargain!