Thursday, November 11, 2010

Survivor: New York

Super Tuesday Tornado 
Feb. 2008
Brett & Heather are certainly used to wild weather.  In Arkansas & Mississippi, we covered severe weather all the time.  Nothing was more fun to throw on jeans and a ball cap and go 'storm chasing' with a video camera.  Brett once slept in a live truck overnight while he was covering the aftermath of an F3 tornado ripped that through the small town of Marmaduke, Arkansas.

Bad weather to folks in the South is hair flattening high humidity, tornadoes in scary green skies, scorching temperatures or ice storms that take out the power for days/weeks.   But our idea of "weather" and the "weather" that goes on in Upstate New York are two totally different things.

NYSDOT Hard at Work!
New York must be run by a bunch of Boy Scouts...because they take the motto "Be Prepared" pretty seriously.  Last year the New York State Thruway Authority responded to an average of 30 winter storms.   The Authority has more than 700 pieces of equipment just for snow and ice removal.  They work 24 hours a day and have more than 200 of those large seven-ton plow trucks that clear the roads.  Oh, and they only work on clearing the toll portions of Interstate 87 and 90 during bad conditions.  The New York State Department of Transportation has a fleet of 1,400 plow trucks, 330 loaders and 50 snowblowers.  They've also got 950,000 tons of salt at their disposal.  We sure hope we're covered.

Thought this was all
we needed?
Albany actually uses a renewable sugar beet sourced liquid and salt brine mixture that they put down on the roads before a storm comes.  We just wonder if they are Schrute Beets?  The beets & brine work as an anti-icing agent and a pretreatment for rock salt.  Good thing Albany has plenty of it, because the city gets an average of 50" of snow a year!  Uh, don't remember anyone hitting that highlight before we moved here.

When winter weather snuck in earlier this week, Heather was determined not to be caught off guard again.  All she had to combat the snow was a measly $.99 cent ice scraper from the clearance rack at Wal-Mart.  Hell bent on surviving the winter in New York, she's been hard at work on making her own survival kit for her car.  Some online research and a few tips from folks on Facebook and this is what she's got so far:

Jumper cables, first aid kit & ice scraper (with broom)
Maglight (thanks Mr. Ed!) Hand warmers & two types of de-icer
Water, snacks & hand cleaner...because germs are gross.
Blankie, Cute Gloves & Hat
Magazines to entertain us until help arrives.  Summer issue will keep us warm.

Neatly packed away for emergencies!
And topped with a hand painted sign sure to save us!
We're sure that we probably missed a few things for our Survivor: New York pack.  If you have any suggestions, let us know.  We just wanna "be prepared"!

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