Friday, November 19, 2010

Where is the Love?

Go big or go home, right?
You might be noticing some new changes to I Heart NY Y'all.  For example, it's now (use your Oprah voice here) SUPER FABULOUS!  Thanks to the creative minds of Mr. Andy Whitaker and Ms. Lori Block, you'll now find Heather & Brett immortalized in art that better expresses their personalities, their dashing good looks and charismatic attitudes.  Lori really can draw it all, can't she?  Thank you so much for everything Andy & Lori!!

Ever since the election of 2008, we've been kicking around the whole "Change We Can Believe In" idea when it came to the blog.  Ok, that, and a couple of emails on behalf of the attorneys from the New York State Department of Economic Development.  Turns out, NYSD just was not as tickled pink about the use of their trademark on our blog.

In fact, this is what they wrote:  "By using the trademark on your website to promote New York, it appears that the State Department is officially endorsing and affiliated with your blog.  This causes consumer confusion and conflicts with the overall marketing goals...In order to prevent this confusion, we ask that you please remove the trademark from your blog."


We're hardly alone in stepping on the toes of New York.  In 2005, the state has filed 3,000 trademark objections.  The Wall Street Journal reported that a clothing designer in North Carolina had all sorts of legal troubles when he created a "I ♥ NC" t-shirt.  The NYSD filed a complaint with the US Patent and Trademark Office, claiming trademark infringement.  The PTO ruled that NY and NC were two different things and there wasn't a likelihood that the two logos would be confused.  

Business Week reporter Kirstin Dorsch wrote New York officials actually got the "I ♥ New York" logo for free from graphic designer Milton Glasner in 1975.  The recognizable font is called American Typewriter. (FYI: Glasner also made the DC Comics "DC Bullet" used from '77-'05 and founded New York Magazine.)

Here's an interview Glasner did with about his famous logo:

Today, the famous NY logo helps lure more than 140 million tourists to the Empire State yearly.  And to be honest with you, those are the only folks around here wearing it.  We've discovered that apparel and items featuring the famous branding are hard to find in places other than the airport gift shop and sidewalk stands in Chinatown in the City.  Lesson learned: just because you love New York doesn't mean that it will love you back.  We guess that love is only for tourists?  

As for now, let this image from please express our feelings...

*Legal disclaimer:  In no way, shape or form is promoting New York tourism through the New York State Department of Economic Development.  Unfortunately, we are not employed or compensated by them.  If we were, you would totally know about it.*

Image credits:, Lori Block & Andy Whitaker