Friday, December 24, 2010

Antique Aprons: Cookin' Up Some Christmas Cookies

Holidays can be a lot of hustle and bustle, but sometimes you just have to stop and lick the icing off your fingers. Heather and Brett had a great time helping Brett's sister Dana ice cookies with her 16-month-old son Walter Mack.  

After all, what kid doesn't love spoon fed sugar?

One day, Heather and Walter Mack dressed up in some antique aprons to do their cookin'.  Antique because Brett actually wore the one Walter Mack was sporting when he was a kid!  Brett's grandmother, Peggy Garrett, made the aprons many years ago.

Our cookie creations weren't really award worthy, but they sure were edible!  We sort of got creative with the colors and sprinkles towards the end.

Oh! Christmas Tree!
That's a dead reindeer, right?
Possessed gingerbread man anyone?
Plus, Dana got her money's worth in our free labor...we probably iced a hundred cookies while we were there.  And ate about that many as well!

We think Walter Mack had a pretty good time with us in the kitchen!  Of course, his huge smile could have been from all the sugar coursing through his veins though...