Friday, December 17, 2010

Bump in the Road

It's the holidays, which means we're on the road.  A lot of road. 

The New York Garretts are spending Christmas with the North Carolina Garretts and are making the 788 mile trip driving in the Prius...which means we'll only have to fill up once.  We've packed everything but the kitchen sink and our version of Santa's sleigh is ready to fly!

Except we didn't count on hitting this bump in the road...with just over an hour to go to get to Charlotte, the weather conditions turned foggy and visibility became low.  Heather was in the middle of telling Brett a big story when she pointed at the huge alligator tire in the road.  Brett was able to swerve and not hit it head on, but clipped it with the passenger bumper and we felt it go under the wheel.  When we stopped, it wasn't a pretty site.

We were lucky the airbags didn't discharge and no one was injured.  The North Carolina Highway Patrol was super nice to come out and take a report for us and also searched for the piece of the tire blocking the road.

Fortunately, our new New York insurance Geico has already set us up with an appointment for repair with a Charlotte body shop, so it looks like we'll be back on the road in no time...and the Gecko, Caveman and Flow can all split our $500 deductible that we're sure we'll have to write the check for.

We have decided this will probably be our last cross country drive for a while.  The last time major miles were covered coming to the Queen City, we ended up with a deer dead as a doorknob on our car door.  Heather believes Southwest's merger with AirTran couldn't come at a better time.  Book us from ALB to Charlotte direct please!
We cannot wait to see how this "little bump" turns out...

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