Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catching Up with Cannoli on the Side

Welcome to NY!
With the holidays fast approaching, it's nice to catch up with friends and family.  It's even nicer when they come to visit!  Today we got to pick up one of our Arkansas BFF's Brandi Hodges from the Albany airport.  We roped her into coming to visit us during one of the coldest times of the year...sucka!  No really, the low tonight is supposed to be 5 degrees.  Hope ya' packed your cuddl duds!

Remember that time I made
you hold china for  1,000 miles?
Brett and Heather have known Brandi since the days of working at KAIT in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  We've drug her around on several trips with us and she hasn't really complained yet.  Even that time Heather made her ride in the back seat of a car stuffed with wedding shower gift...all the way from North Carolina to Missouri.  Like poor Brandi was wedged between china and punch bowls and instructed not to breath too deeply for fear of shifting the breakables.  Plus, she agreed to be one of the Maids of Honor in our wedding, so we're guessing she likes us?

We hadn't seen Brandi since the 4th of July, so it had been a while!  We had lots to show her and even more catching up to do...we had missed her birthday in November so instead of the traditional big party Heather is usually behind, we opted for a little more low some Cannoli and how about you blow out this Yankee candle instead.  See, she's already having tons of New York fun!

Cannoli is way better than cake!
Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday dear Brandi!
Make a wish...for warmer temperatures!
Good friends will travel half way across the country to come visit.  Great friends will even show up wearing the same outfit!

We heart Ann Taylor Loft!

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