Saturday, December 11, 2010

Glitter and Glue Guns

We love the smell of poster board!
As a former sorority girl, Heather will probably be buried with her glue gun and covered in glitter.  Glitter is possibly the greatest invention of all times.  It makes things shiny and pretty.  After all, how can glitter not make the world a better place?  Seriously, just look at Edward Cullen in the sunlight.

With Heather's trusty sidekick Brandi Hodges in town, the two had a super fantastic day creating signs for our upcoming debut on national television.

"What?!?" we're sure you're gasping right now..."You're going to be on national television?"

Ok, well more like the background of national television...but close enough, right?

Our happy little camp was able to score tickets to Good Morning America for Monday morning, so make sure you set your Tivo's, DVR's and if you know how to work it-VCR's.  It looks like Dr. Oz and Emeril are going to be guests on the program, so we might be lucky enough to see them too!

Of course, we'll keep you posted on how the adventure long as you keep an eye out for these fine works of art.

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