Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Christmas Time in the City!

Christmas time really is the most wonderful time of the year...and if you have the chance to spend it in New York City, we highly recommend doing it, at least once!

We've marked off a lot of things on our Bucket List this year, and at the rate we're going we may have to start adding to our list.  With this trip to the city we got to take our friends Brandi Hodges and Andy Whitaker to some of our favorite sight seeing spots and then check out a few new ones.

Busted flat in Baton Rouge...
waiting on a train
After wrapping up at GMA, our foursome headed down to Rockefeller Center.  Our subway trip there was a little interesting.  While waiting for the G train, the loudspeaker announced all NYPD in the area please report to our area and for witness to the event please make a statement to an officer.  MTA shut down the express and local line for the F-G train we were waiting for and we ended up rerouting our plans.  Later in the evening, we learned that a man had thrown himself in front the train after he had killed his parents.  We were just glad we weren't there to see that about Debbie Downer.

Gold, Silver & Bronze winners
Our journey to Rockefeller Center was a little delayed, but it tuned out to be amazing!  Even with our subway snafu, we were able to beat the rush of skaters and made it to the ice within 20 minutes of our arrival.  The rink is a bit smaller than you might imagine, so not many skaters can take the ice at once.  Once you rent your skates, you'll find yourself in a locker room no bigger than where the Twin Rivers High School girls basketball team suits up.  It's tiny!

Brett feigns weak ankles, so he shot pictures from the sidelines.  The experience was almost surreal!  Nothing captures "Christmas Time in the City" than ice skating in front of the most famous Christmas tree with with carols playing in the background.  It was Andy's third skate of the week...he'd been in Washington, DC.C. and Memphis just days earlier.  If you're planning on living the dream, plan on dropping some cash's about $28 a person with skate rentals!

Where's the beef?
Brandi's landlord actually recommended our lunch stop.  We hit the famous Carneige Deli and loaded up on pastrami and corned beef sandwiches.  The family style seating put us next to two sweet little ladies from England that told us how excited they were to have a national holiday for Kate & William's wedding.  We also got to see a throw down between a customer and the hostess that included several expletives we probably shouldn't repeat. 

Welcome to the New World!
Our visitors wouldn't have had a fantastic trip to NYC if we hadn't hauled them on the Staten Island Ferry.  The boat ride took us right next to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and gave us a great view of Manhattan...for free!  Brandi and Andy just about rubbed blisters on their fingers snapping pictures!  You can't blame them though, looking at the Statue of Liberty for the first time is a sight to remember! 

Visitors to NYC almost have to pay their respects to the World Trade Center.  This trip marked Heather & Brett's third visit to the hallowed grounds and it's still just as sad as the first time we saw it.  Our little tour group actually caught the tail end of an organized tour and we listened in on the guide's insight of 9/11. He commented on phone calls made from flight attendants from the planes just before they crashed into the Twin Towers.  We'd recommend packing some Kleenex before taking that tour!

We went full throttle the whole time we were in NYC and barely scratched the surface.  We're pretty sure we completely wore out our company!  We love visiting the city and think Brandi and Andy had a pretty good time too!  Christmas time in the city really is the most wonderful time of the year!
Happy Holidays!

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