Sunday, December 5, 2010

Making Snoopy's Tree Look Good

Two years later,
finally on the tree
In their two years of marriage, can you believe this is the first year Heather & Brett have ever gotten to put up a Christmas tree?  Crazy, considering how holiday gun-ho Heather is!  Sadly, our Tupelo ghetto-fabulous apartment didn't have room for a tree, so Santa never stopped there for milk and cookies.

Oh Christmas Tree!
When we moved to NY, Heather made sure all seven boxes of Christmas decorations made the trip.  The tree went up, the ornaments came out and we had to make an emergency trip to Wal-Mart for Christmas lights.  How in the world did we lose the thousands of Christmas lights Heather bathed her house in Jonesboro in?  Don't know, but somehow it happened.

Apparently, tree fashion comes and goes.  A decorating brochure we picked up at Sam's recommended ribbon, beads and sparkle flower sprays for your tree this year.  It's been a while since we've decorated a tree, so we're pretty sure this one gives Charlie Brown & Snoopy's tree a run for it's money.  The tree is a little tall for the apartment, so the star topper scrapes the ceiling just a bit.  Ok, it's stuck to it.  But we see that as a good thing, it's sort of anchoring the tree, only from the top.

We like to buy ornaments from the places where we've traveled or things that have meaning to us, so you'll notice that they don't really match.  But they do all have a story...which is the important part to us.

Maybe next year we'll try all that fancy pants ribbon and sparkle stuff.

One of the best NYC ornaments ever!
Tribute to Tupelo & the King

Go Bears Go!
Classic Old Busch
Tangled Ornament...we saw the advanced screening
For Baseball Hall of Fame fans only
Picked up at Melissa Simas' wedding in Boston this year
'nuff said...