Sunday, December 19, 2010

Panther Pride

Sweet Caroline!
Brett's precious Carolina Panthers have had a pretty rough season.  In fact, they've only won one game up until now.  The silver lining to this cloud is that they are in contention for the worst record in the NFL...meaning that they could get first pick in the draft next year!  With potential for prospecting, the Panthers are sort of hoping to just finish out the season and start planning for the future.

DeAngelo was on our ticket
Brett's parents have PSL tickets (Private Seat License...or just a fancy way of saying season tickets) for the Panthers.  The family has been ticket holders since the team started in 1995 and the Garretts have been around to see some big wins and unfortunately some some big losses too.  The seasons have been up and down, but the spirit is always there!

Three amigos!
When Brett & Heather realized they would be in town in time to catch a game, everyone seemed very willing to give up their ticket! (Like we said, it's been a rough season)  We were happy to suit up in our Panther gear and cheer on the Charlotte team as they took on the Arizona Cardinals!  We ended up sitting next to Brett's long time friend (and new boss) Greg Cole and his son Josh. 

BoA Stadium
Unfortunately, an injury in October sidelined our favorite player, DeAngleo Williams.  Williams is a Region 8 boy, hailing from Wynne, Arkansas!  Heather wore her DeAngelo jersey to the game, but it accidentally got all covered up by her unintentional red Arizona Cardinal colored jacket.  Whoopsie!

Brett has Panther Pride
The game marked what was likely the last home game for Panthers Coach John Fox.  He's been with Carolina since 2002 (that's an eternity for one team in the NFL) and lead the team to the Super Bowl back in '03.  He's considered the best coach in Carolina Panthers history, but since he's been there 8 out of their 15 years, who else would be?

Top Cats kickin' it
When the sun went down the temperatures plummeted, but the Panther spirit could not been higher this season when the clock ticked down to a 19-12 Carolina win!  It was their second win of the season...and yes, we know it's the end of December.  We're sad to report that the Panthers are probably going to end the season with the worst record in the NFL.  But who says being bad not so good has to be boring??  We kept warm cheering on the Top Cats dancers and watching the Purr-cussion Pride Band perform at halftime.

Heather kept looking for Sir Purr to have her picture made with him, but ended up posing with Brett.  His smile was as big as the Cheshire Cat after the Panthers won, so it worked out just as well.

Finally a win!

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