Saturday, December 4, 2010

Perma-Smile & Burned Retinas: It's Christmas Card Picture Time!

It's the beginning of December and that means one thing...time to start thinking about Christmas cards!  The tradition of sending out cards goes back a long way in the Flanigan family.  Mr. Ed & Phyllis shipped out the first one in 1974 and have been keeping the United States Postal Service busy ever since.

Christmas 2003
Over the years the background scenery changed, the fashion came and went and the kids eventually got taller than the parents.  Everyone in the family has a Christmas card scrapbook with every picture in chronological order and it's interesting to see us all age!  We won't share the photos that highlight Mr. Ed's 70's inspired facial hair, Heather's borderline child abuse perms or Jim's stoic expressions.  Trust us, some pics are just better off left unseen!  Those of you who have been on the mailing list for the last 35 years know exactly what we're talking about.

Over the last few years as we've added new member to our family, the pictures have grown.  2010 marks a first for the Flanigan family.  Because of the cross country move, you won't see everyone together in one single picture.  But you will see us all on one card.

With cute new trends in creating Christmas cards online at places like Shutterfly, the Flanigans can all come together even though we're thousands of miles away.  There are hundreds of designs to choose from when making a holiday card, the toughest part is picking out your picture!  Christmas cards have truly evolved from one (if you were lucky) snap shot to a mini story of family fun.  A lot of the newer styles at Shutterfly even have room to add a small typed newsletter, making things just a little bit easier!

Heather knew the Christmas card would be a tradition she would continue when she married Brett.  He's since learned how to smile for hours on end and his retinas are probably permanently damaged from flashbulbs popping in his face.  But deep down, he knows the joy his friends and family will receive when they open that card!  We spend a lot of time taking photographs and deciding if they're "Christmas Card" quality.

These are some that did not make the cut this year:

In a day and age when electronic mail is so much easier and faster, it's nice to appreciate something as simple as a tangible Christmas card.  We love getting pictures of our friends and family!  Everyone enjoys getting something in the mail (as long as it's not a bill or junk mail) and it's seems pretty special that folks remember us during the holidays.  We just like to pay it back!

We're pretty sure after all the adventures we've had this year, we should be able to find a few suitable pics for our 2010 card.  Look for it soon!

The official Christmas Card of 2009

*Special thanks to Shutterfly for a promotion code for 50 free cards as a result of mentioning them in this post.  For more information, click here.  Thanks y'all!

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