Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

Where's Waldo?
Oh, Jimmy Buffett...what a poet you are.  We're pretty sure that the changes in "latitude" he was referring to were a little further south and warmer then where we find ourselves now.

Having survived our first blizzard, we're practically salty, seasoned weather veterans now.  One day we'll look back at our days in the North and say, "Y'all 'member the Blizzard of '10??  Shoot, y'all...she was barely bad at all."

Santa brought winter wear!
Our changes in latitude have certainly changed our attitude...we've had to get some serious snow schoolin'-and quick!  Gone are the days of cute, light, fall like jackets.

Santa put Spyder under
the tree!
We've introduced wool socks and base layers as staples of our new winter wardrobes.  (For y'all Southerners reading this in 50 degree temperatures: base layers are basically Cuddle Dud long johns...don't worry, Heather had to ask too!)

In these New York arctic temperatures, you have to layer everything!  Just count on putting two of everything on.  Socks, leggings, shirts, pants, panties, bras (just kiddin'!)  Even your gloves come with layered liners.

Pick a stick, any stick...
Thank the Baby Jesus that Santa was great to us this year!  Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted was toys?  This year, all we wanted was warm clothes!  Thankfully, we were so blessed to receive coats, socks, long johns base layers, thermometers, scarves, gloves and even chapstick!
Do we really want to know?

We weren't sure we were that good this year, but man, we know we are going to be warm!

Adapting to our new climate hasn't been instinctual.  Layering has been a learning experience.  We know now that you better go to the bathroom before you get your coat on!  And that you should put your coat on before you put your gloves on....who knew?  And don't even think about shopping for clothing this time of the year...it'll take forever to try something on in a store dressing room.

Shoe Pit Stop
We've seen some changes at home too.  Walking into our apartment you would think it had imploded with coats, scarves and hats.  Our tidy front door mat has become a stomping ground for shoes and boots.  And we've had to invest (thankfully, only $3.99) for a plastic tray that holds our waterproof snow boots that Chewbacca would be proud of.

We Heart James Dyson!
Our biggest (and most exciting) purchase has probably been our new Dyson Ball DC-25 vacuum cleaner!  We broke from the yellow trend and got a pretty red one...but y'all know, Heather will probably have that baby bejeweled before you even know what's going on.

When you regularly track in enough snow to make igloos, the carpet can get pretty nasty so we knew we were going to need something better than what we had to clean up.  After much research and several recomendations, we decided to use our Target wedding gift card money towards a worthwhile investment, our super fabulous Dyson.

And of course, our newly adopted vacuum child came home in the snow.

Dyson meet Prius, the snow avenger.